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Patient Testimonials

Read what our patients have to say about Advanced Regenerative Therapies.

Grey Limbo

First Class, professional, capable, friendly, gentle and efficient.

I had my first PRP hip injections yesterday to help with arthritic joint pain. The procedure was well explained and went very smoothly. Dr. Meglin and his team are first class, professional, capable, friendly, gentle and efficient. They followed up today with phone calls to make sure I was well or if I had any questions. My entire experience was excellent and I am very hopeful to see improvement with my pain.

Dan Woodcock

June 13, 2021

Grey Limbo

Dr. Meglin did a procedure of shots for plantar fasciitis. Before treatment, I had 8/10 pain by the end of my day. After 1 treatment, I’m pain free! I’m so THANKFUL to him and Desiree for not only the professionalism and caring touch, I wish I would’ve have done this months ago!

Peggy Singleton

May 13, 2020

Grey Limbo

Kind & Compassion

Dr. Meglin is an awesome doctor. He is very kind and compassionate about his patient’s and their families, and he is very intelligent and provides cutting edge treatment. He is very thorough with procedure explanations and instructions, and gives them in an easy way so that you can understand them. He is not rushed when you have an appointment with him. Since my husband has been going to him, his pain and range of motion in his shoulder has gotten better by about 85%. He and i are both pleased. My husband is excited and looking forward for his next treatment. He says his shoulder has not felt this good in a long while. I would definetly recommend Dr. Meglin to any of my family and friends.

Amanda Hughes

May 6, 2020

Grey Limbo

It’s hard to find the right words to thank Dr. Meglin and his team for the medical care I received. Desiree, Robin and Dr. Meglin treated me with regenerative medicine techniques and my results were amazing. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to find out about their medical practice and be able to receive treatment with them. This group could not have been more caring and competent. They have stayed in frequent contact throughout all therapies and obviously care deeply about their profession and healing. Desiree made the whole process smooth and as time-saving as possible. Robin greeted me each session and took very good care of me. Dr. Meglin answered every question I had and provided me with research about questions I had. This whole team genuinely cares about their patients. I am so appreciative….

Dayle Burns

September 11, 2020

Grey Limbo

My MRI indicated a torn meniscus and I was considering surgery until I contacted Dr. Meglin. He performed PRP injections mid-November 2019. Staff was fantastic and Dr. Meglin told me everything about my knee and the procedure using an anatomical model of the knee. He used Ultrasound to get the exact placement for the injection. Entire procedure was a “walk in the park”. Benefits were immediate in terms of swelling and reduction of pain. I resumed my daily pickleball games immediately and have been playing daily — pain free — for the last six months. Although Medicare did not cover any of the cost, it was definitely worth it. I would advise anyone who is considering knee/shoulder/hip surgery to hold off and go see Dr. Meglin.
Be aware, however, that the field of Regenerative Medicine in the U.S. right now is a bit like the “Wild West”. Lots of people are offering regenerative treatments, but their backgrounds, licensing and experience vary widely. Knowing Dr. Meglin’s training at Johns Hopkins, and his years of experience with injection procedures made me realize that I had found the best resource for Regenerative Medicine. This is a very exciting and promising medical frontier.

Jim Emery

May 10, 2020

Grey Limbo

I was very happy with the treatment and how thorough Dr Meglin was. His staff was pleasant and friendly. I was pleased with the entire experience and am very pleased with the results.

Michael Hughes

April 19, 2020

Grey Limbo

I want to thank Dr. Meglin and his wonderful staff for helping with my torn AC joint. I had constant pain for weeks, after taking a bad fall. My primary physician said that there was little that could be done except to wait and let it heal on its own. I knew that Dr. Meglin was offering PRP, so I asked him to help. Three weeks later, I feel no pain. My shoulder and my golf game, thank you for helping get me back in action.

Brian Richardson

May 30, 2020

Grey Limbo

Before treatment, I could not walk very far. I had pain at rest. I had pain that disrupted my sleep. I had pain in the front and in the back of both knees. I needed to ice them down daily. My normal activities were severely impacted by the pain in both knees. After a PRP injection in each knee, my pain at rest is gone. I can walk around my home from room to room when I couldn’t before. I can execute home maintenance and cleaning activities that I couldn’t before. I don’t walk the way I did 30 years ago, but I am ambulatory again! Thank you!

Kathleen Pellicano

May 8, 2020

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