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Advanced regenerative medicine is a field that’s been allowed to grow at astonishing rates over the years. It’s opened the door to numerous medical advancements which have helped many patients with a wide variety of health problems. Individual results can vary, but the possibilities of regenerative procedures seem almost limitless as scientists continue to learn more about the anatomy of the human body and its sheer potential.

Doctor and Patient

For some patients, regenerative medicine sits at the intersection of hope, despair, desperation and false promises. This places an added burden to provide the most ethical care possible. Patient's often come to us when conventional treatments have failed. Advanced Regenerative Therapies believe that patients must be informed and it is recommended that our patients read the articles enclosed before coming to us.

We don't promise results.  We don't want to offer false hope. But we have seen some very encouraging outcomes to otherwise unsolved problems.  Our only promise is that we will make decisions based upon a combination of evidence based medicine, personal experience and basic science.  We offer treatment plans and patient education and ask the patient to be an active participant in the decision making. 

As part of our ethical code, we want our patients to know up front that:

There is evidence or a good rationale that our treatments will be of some benefit.  We believe the benefits outweigh the risks. Our treatments are unproven for many of the problems we see.

We use clinical guidelines from national organizations.

We use our own clinical judgement.

We insist on a detailed informed consent.

We present out pricing up front at the time of the consultation.

We describe the risks and side effects.

We outline alternative treatments that are medically available.

 We offer links to starting research and established protocols.

We post articles by the FDA and Consumer reports. We also have these available in our office. 

If we fail to satisfy any concerns from the last above or if you have any other concerns, active patients are given Dr. Meglin's cell phone number.

They are encouraged to call with any medical questions (please do not call for scheduling issues as Dr. Meglin does not get involved with this aspect of the practice.)

Meet Our Providers


Dr. Allen Meglin MD

Dr. Meglin earned his Medical Degree at University of Pittsburgh, graduating AOA. He completed a surgical internship, followed by diagnostic radiology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He received additional training in needle placement and minimally invasive procedures at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Meglin has authored several medical publications, was a featured lecturer, and has several medical device patents.

His love of minimally invasive procedures and desire to practice cutting edge medicine led him to regenerative medicine. Dr. Meglin has received training from the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, with coursework accredited by The Mayo Clinic, the Regenerative Medicine Training Institute, and the American Medspa Association. Dr. Meglin’s application to the American Board of Regenerative Medicine has been accepted, and he is now one of a handful of physicians that are board eligible in regenerative medicine.

He is a frequently invited speaker on the topics of Regenerative Medicine basic science, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and comprehensive treatment of disease using regenerative techniques.

Dr Meglin is a member of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine. (AARM), International Hyperbaric Association (IHA), undersea and hyperbaric medicine society (UHMS) International board of hyperbaric medicine (IBUM)

He has participated in trials studying biologic age and how to reverse aging. Dr. Meglin has studied the biologic effects of COVID and treatment with biologics.

Dr. Meglin has patent pending on a regenerative medicine delivery device and process, and is participating in several 510(k) FDA applications.  He has trademarked “stack the hack”(tm).

Undergraduate Degrees: Physical Chemistry and Experimental Psychology: SUNY Binghamton (award for outstanding academic performance)(senior thesis: Physics of bio-luminescence)

Medical Degree: University of Pittsburgh (AOA honor society)

Categorical surgical internship: Walter Reed Army Medical Center. 

Diagnostic Radiology:  Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Interventional Radiology: The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Board Certifications: Diagnostic Radiology with CAQ Interventional Radiology. Eligible for American Board of Regenerative Medicine. Board certified in regenerative medicine. Board certified in radiology.  

Member: American academy of anti-aging medicine

Faculty: Walter Reed: Chief Interventional Radiology

              USUHS: Naval Hospital Bethesda: Staff Radiologist

              Augusta University: Associate Clinical Radiologist

His favorite quote is: "Aging is not a one way street."

Dr. Meglin
Megan Duncan Binstock MPAS, PA-C

Megan Duncan is a board-certified Physician Assistant, and has been practicing medicine for the past 15 years. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University, and a Master’s graduate of Marietta College of Ohio. As a Physician Assistant, Megan attended the Montefiore Medical Center Postgraduate Surgical Residency Program. In addition to her strong surgical foundation, Megan is experienced in hospital, urgent care, and primary care medicine.

Megan is owner and provider of Advanced Regenerative Therapy of Atlanta. She brings a wealth of experience in aesthetics and regenerative medicine to her practice. Megan holds current certification in ESWT GAINSWave, and is a certified PRP, and certified CIT SkinPen provider. She has held certifications in phlebotomy and electrophysiology, and is certified in Basic and Advanced Neurotoxin and HA Collagen Filler Injection techniques. Megan is Q-switch, Pulsed Light and Picosecond laser qualified, and is a certified Ultherapist and Cool sculpting provider.

Robyn Meglin, RN
Robyn Meglin graduated from Armstrong University (now Georgia Southern) nursing in 1980. She has worked as a provider for Ideal Image and has a foundation in cosmetic procedures. Prior to coming to ART, Robyn owned and operated five successful Chiropractic practices. She joins her husband in providing exemplary patient care.
Jamie Fifer, Nutrition Coach
Jamie is a fitness and home nutrition coach at Regenerative 
Therapies in Savannah, GA.
Artie, Therapy Dog
Announcing The Newest Member of our Art Team. She is going to be a Therapy dog. As she learns, she will be able to get into chambers with our patients. We hope she can snuggle with patients during times of procedural stress. Mostly, she will help us share our love for our patients.
Silver Steel Plate_edited_edited.jpg

Our Practice

Our Practic

Our Research

Regenerative Medicine is a rapidly evolving field. To ensure we stay at the leading edge, we conduct research and are currently enrolling hospital patients in a study designed to evaluate the tissue adhesive properties of PRP. We are studying the benefits of sealing biopsy tracks with PRP and Fibrin Gel. We are also working with industry to bring several different products to the FDA for IND approval.

Our Training

We are regularly attending conferences, and are continually training with accredited organizations to ensure we are bringing our patients the latest techniques and technology. Our relationships with vendors and suppliers enable us to offer our patients the best products and techniques. We have access to a wide variety of materials and customize our selections based upon what we feel will best meet your individual needs.

Precision Counts

It isn’t enough to place the regenerative medicine treatments in the general area of disease. The closer the cell signaling biologic compounds can be placed to the problem area, the better. Dr Meglin has abundant experience with very precise needle placement using x ray, ultrasound and CT guidance.

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