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Electroceutical Therapy

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Electroceutical Therapy

is a system of technology and protocols that uses a patented bio-electrical current simultaneously with active range-of-motion and other exercise techniques to speed up the body’s natural recuperative ability.


Reasons You May Need Electroceutical Therapy

  • Avoiding surgery-non surgical treatments

  • Athlete's looking for performance training

  • Post surgical rehabilitation 



The human body is like a machine; it wears out in direct proportion to its abuse. A well balanced body reflects a strong immune system. Longevity is the result of natural care and maintenance of the body.


In basic terms, electricity is found naturally in all of us. Certain electrical impulses in our bodies help facilitate bodily functions including actions needed for healing. By mimicking the electrical impulses that occur in us, we can help facilitate a specific effect.


Electroceutical Therapy is able to trigger these impulses by varying the frequency, wave length, intensity, and location of the electricity applied to the patient. Understanding how these elements interplay to create a desired effect is the basis for the science.


  • Implanted Electrical devices (pacemakers)

  • Pregnancy

  • History of blood clots

Results of Treatment

The certified staff will be monitoring the outcomes of your treatment through a variety of means. We ask that you assist us in this process, by keeping notes over the course of your treatment. Additionally, as Dr. Allen Meglin is committed to the advancement of clinical research related to Advanced Regenerative Medicine, he is conducting research related to Electroceuticals therapy and offering this opportunity to his patients.

For more information about Electroceutical Therapy, and or other Advanced Regenerative Therapy options, or to schedule an appointment, please call (912) 403-4203


What to Expect: Instructions

Electroceutical Therapy will occur over the course of multiple sessions. You should plan on the following:

  • Wear comfortable gym-style clothing, as your sessions will require you to move. Additionally the clinical staff will need to place the electrodes onto your body and also move the electrodes as they find areas known as “hot spots” that need to be treated.

  • You will be asked to rate the intensity of the electrical stimulation throughout the process, to help assess the location of your problem areas. The process can be intense, but it is tolerable to most patients.


As these sessions are demanding, it is important that you take measures to help your body recover. This includes:

  • Adequate rest throughout this therapy, at least 8 hours sleep each night

  • Avoiding/limiting alcohol consumption. Eating healthy meals with adequate protein. Depending on your individual case, we may recommend that you increase your protein consumption during treatment.

  • We will also ask you to complete a questionnaire about your symptoms and issues related to your clinical problem prior to the beginning of the therapy. This will assist us in measuring the outcomes of your treatment. Clinical staff will also be assessing various clinical measures to evaluate your clinical response to treatment.


At Advanced Regenerative Therapy

We recognize that not every patient is right for Electroceutical Therapy.  We offer a wide range of therapy and treatments for patients in Savannah and surrounding areas and invites clients nationally and internationally, to ensure that patients get the appropriate treatment that they need. If you are a patient looking for a pain relief treatment or therapy and think that Electroceutical Therapy is the right therapy treatment for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our Savannah clinic.

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