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Our mission is to improve the quality of life using a comprehensive approach  advanced regenerative therapy.


Dr Meglin’s unique regenerative medicine treatment protocols (Bio-hacks) are individualized for each patient. A one to two-hour consultation is performed including clinical trials of low-level light, mild hyperbaric test dives, and ultrasound guided anesthetics injections to pinpoint pain generators.

Trio-hack ™

Hormone optimization, Individualized mild Hyperbaric treatment regimen, Low Level Light Therapy

Tetra-hack ™

Hormone optimization, individualized mild Hyperbaric treatment regimen, Low Level Light Therapy, Healing promoting peptides, nutraceuticals, IV infusions.

Penta-hack ™

Hormone optimization, Individualized mild Hyperbaric treatment regimen, Low Level Light Therapy, Healing peptides, nutraceuticals, IV infusions and ultrasound guided PRP injections.


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Regenerative Medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage, or congenital defects. This field holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs in the body by stimulating previously irreparable organs to heal themselves.  Regenerative Medicine replaces or regenerates human cells, tissue or organs to restore or establish normal function.  


Experienced & Professional

Dr. Allen Meglin MD

Dr. Meglin is owner and a provider at Advanced Regenerative Therapy of Savannah. He is medical director for Advanced Regenerative Therapy (ART)  Atlanta,  ART Buford and Restoredoc in Wilmington NC. 


His research interests include using biologic treatments for joint pain, breathing difficulty and COVID-19. His COVID-19 work is about to be  published in the journal of respiratory medicine: 

"Treatment of a COVID-19 LongHauler with an amniotic fluid-derived extracellular vesicle biologic.”

Dr Meglin serves as a medical advisor for several biologic products providers and was recently added as a member of the human anatomy project.


He is a frequently invited speaker on the topics of Regenerative Medicine basic science, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and comprehensive treatment of disease using regenerative techniques.



Dr Meglin is a member of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine. (AARM), International Hyperbaric Association (IHA), undersea and hyperbaric medicine society (UHMS) International board of hyperbaric medicine (IBUM)

He has patent pending on a regenerative medicine delivery device and process, and is participating in several 510(k) FDA applications. 

Undergraduate Degrees: Physical Chemistry and Experimental Psychology: SUNY Binghamton (award for outstanding academic performance)(senior thesis: Physics of bio-luminescence)

Medical Degree: University of Pittsburgh (AOA honor society)

Categorical surgical internship: Walter Reed Army Medical Center. 

Diagnostic Radiology:  Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Interventional Radiology: The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Board Certifications: Diagnostic Radiology with CAQ Interventional Radiology. Eligible for American Board of Regenerative Medicine. 

Faculty: Walter Reed: Chief Interventional Radiology

              USUHS: Naval Hospital Bethesda: Staff Radiologist

              Augusta University: Associate Clinical Radiologist


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