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Hormone Replacement Therapy Savannah

The Benefits Of BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy In Savannah

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Hormones are messengers in the body that control different systems and body functions. Over time, the body slows down the production of these chemical messengers, leading to many of the signs of aging that are problematic for both men and women.


At Advanced Regenerative Therapy in Savannah, we provide a safe, effective solution to help balance your body's natural hormonal levels. Hormone replacement therapy using BioTE pellets provides a sustained release of the necessary hormones to restore optimal body functions.

What is BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy?

This process starts with an assessment to determine current levels of hormones without the body. This data is used to develop a customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy solution that is in the form of a very small pellet.
This small, cylindrical pellet is inserted into the upper buttocks in a simple procedure in the office. The hormone pellets begin releasing hormones immediately, with most patients seeing results in two to four weeks, although it can be longer to experience the full effects. As these are fully bioidentical, they dissolve in the body and are absorbed over time. Depending on the patients, this hormone imbalance treatment will last from three to six months and can be repeated as necessary without any limitations.

Hormone Therapy for Women

The BioTE hormone treatment for women results in several benefits, including more energy, increased focus, thicker hair, and increased lean muscle mass. At the same time, patients will also see lower levels of anxiety and depression, reduced inflammation, and decreased risk of dementia and cardiovascular health issues.

Hormone Treatment for Men

Choosing the BioTE hormone therapy for men will result in an increase in libido and sexual performance, increased energy, increased weight loss, and reversal of the symptoms associated with low testosterone.
To find out more about BioTE pellet therapy, schedule a free consultation in Savannah at 912-403-4203.

Benefits Of Hormone Therapy

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