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Joint Pain Treatment Asheville

Joint Pain And Arthritis Treatment Center In Asheville

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Living with pain at any age is a challenge. When that pain impacts your ability to move, enjoy life, and do the things you love, it is time to seek the best pain and arthritis treatment in the Asheville area.


At Advanced Regenerative Therapy, we offer a customized approach to joint pain treatment and therapy. Our use of different techniques and modalities to effectively reduce or eliminate pain is very different from prescription medications that only temporarily dull or diminish the pain and never address the root cause of the discomfort and loss of range of motion.

The Benefit of Biohacks for Arthritis and Knee Injury Treatment

Our arthritis therapy, which includes knee pain treatment, focuses on healing the underlying cause of the pain. We do this through PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy that utilizes the healing and growth factors found in your own body.


The PRP arthritis knee treatment allows our doctors to extract a small amount of blood, complete a centrifuge process, and harvest the platelet-rich components. This component also includes growth hormone and other essential factors that trigger the regeneration of the damaged tissue. We then inject this back into the body in the affected areas. The result is not just a masking of the pain but the relief of the pain through our arthritis knee therapy. When started early, this PRP knee pain therapy can have dramatic results. However, it is equally effective later in the diagnosis. The PRP therapy can also be used for any joint pain therapy throughout the body.


When you need knee injury therapy in the Asheville area, or if you are struggling with early or more severe signs of arthritis, talk to the team at Advanced Regenerative Therapy in Asheville. Please schedule a consultation online or call us at 828.385.4644.

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Regardless of the medical concerns you are experiencing, there is a very good chance you can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To discover whether this treatment can help your body help itself, please give us a call at Advanced Regenerative Therapy today to schedule an evaluation. We hope to see you soon!

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